Laravel Breeze API Install & Setup Authentication with Next.js


Laravel Breeze API auth scaffolding tutorial with NextJS

In this post, you will be learning about how to install Laravel Breeze API and Setup Authentication with Next.js.

So basically, we are going to install laravel application with breeze api package as a BACKEND and install NextJS as FRONTEND. (Laravel Breeze - Next.js Edition) . Lets get started.

Laravel NextJS Backend with Breeze API

Step 1: Create a laravel project.

composer create-project Laravel/laravel laravel-project-name

Step 2: Setup your database in .env file.


Step 3: Install Breeze Package with following command.

composer require laravel/breeze --dev

Step 4: Install Breeze API with following command.

php artisan breeze:install api

After successful installation of breeze api, you can see .env file has two URL for backend and frontend. You can change url in production, for local leave it.


Step 5: let's migrate the table

php artisan migrate

Now lets serve the application by the following command and just leave it.

php artisan serve

Next js Frontend Setup For Breeze

Laravel Breeze authentication starter kit frontend in Next.js. All of the authentication boilerplate is already written for you - powered by Laravel Sanctum, allowing you to quickly begin pairing your beautiful Next.js frontend with a powerful Laravel backend.

You need to clone or download breeze-next

Step 1: Clone breeze-next repository.

git clone

Step 2: install its dependencies

yarn install
// or
npm install

Step 3: Create a new file named .env.local and Copy .env.example file code and paste:


Step 4: Finally, run the application via npm run dev

npm run dev

Step 5: The application will be available at


That's it. all done.

Thank you.

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