Reverse a String without using inbuilt functions in Python

Write a python program to reverse a string without using built in functions:

# Taking input from the user
userinput=input('Enter your string: ')
n = 0

# iterating over each element in the string entered by the user
# and assigning the total length to n
for char in userinput:
    n += 1

print("The length of the string is =",n)

newstring = []
i = 0
size = n
while i < size:
    # Here, we are accessing the userinput string's letter by letter
    # from the end and assigning it to the newstring variable
    newstring += userinput[n-1]
    n = n - 1

# printing the new/reversed string
for data in newstring :

Sample output :

Enter your string: fundaofwebit
The length of the string is = 12

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