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Tuples in Python

Tuples are used to store multiple values in a single variable just like an array. 

A tuple can consist items/value of any datatype and the data will be indexed starting with 0. 

Tuple are always written using common brackets "()".


tuplename = ('value1','value2',....,'valueN')


fundalist = ('funda','of','web','it')

for x in fundalist:    

 Output for the above code will be :


You can check the datatype of a variable by writing the variable name in the type().

fundalist = ('funda','of','web','it')


Output for the above code will be :

<class 'tuple'>

Always Remember:

  • Tuples are stored in an ordered manner and have index numbers starting from 0.
  • Tuples can store same data-value/items more than once.
  • Tuples can not be changed once they are created. No operations such as insert or delete can be performed on the tuples.

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